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The Ahnentafel Ascendants of

H4-8 Green Berry Joshua HAMILTON, M4-9 Elizziebeth MURPHY, N4-10 John Wesley NIMMO, W4-11 Mary Ann WILES,
T4-12 Maton Hale THOMPSON, L4-13 Maudie Lee LANDRUM, A4-14 Robert Lee ALSPAW, & S4-15 Lydia Ann SISLER

Family surnames are letter-coded to whom that the surname belongs,


...along with the number of the generation in which surname, or variation of surname, first appears.

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<c1734 - >1867
H8-136 Aaron Moore, 1700s <SC>, + unknown.
H8-137 XXX unknown female, 1700s <SC>, + Aaron Moore.
H8-138 James Bruce, Christened 1785 Scotland SC <1819, + James Bruce.
H8-139 XXX Mary unknown, 1700s <Scotland/SC> >1833, + James Bruce.
H8-140 Michael Widmayor, 1745 Wurtemburg, Germany [will: Anderson Co.] SC 1797, + Cathene Powell; Michael Whitmire; Michael Widmayer.
H8-141 Cathene Powell, c1745 [ala c1729] SC [ala PA] [bur: Pickens Co., SC] SC 1835, + Michael Widmayor [filed Whitmore]; Catrene Powell, Cathrene Powell.
H8-142 Henry Labon Mauldin, 1700s <SC> ?, + unknown.
H8-143 XXX unknown female, 1700s <SC>, + Henry Labon Mauldin.
M8-152 Theodore Pridemore, the elder, 1755 Middlesex Co., NJ [c1776 Revolutionary War Soldier, PA] VA? Lawrence Co., IN c1839, + Mary Guthrie.
M8-153 Mary Guthrie, c1762 VA IN c1832, + Theodore Pridemore.
M8-154 Thomas Landreth, <1775 VA IL IN 1849, + Elizabeth Wells.
M8-155 Elizabeth Wells, 1781 <Rowan Co.> NC VA IN 1853, + Thomas Landreth.
N8-160 Hiram Mitchell Nimmo, the elder, 1777 <Princess Anne Co.> VA c1806 TN >1834, + Abbeville Co., SC 1798 [ala Albemarle Co., VA 1797/99] Mary Taliaferro Harper; [Hiram & Mary are 1st cousins]; William Nimmo, William Mitchell Nimmo, Hiram Mitchel Nimmo, Hiram Robinson Nimmo, William Robinson Nimmo.
N8-161 Mary Taliaferro Harper, 1777 VA c1806 TN >1807, + Abbeville Co., SC 1798 [ala Albemarle Co., VA 1799] Hiram Mitchell Nimmo, the elder [Hiram & Mary are 1st cousins]; Mary Taliaffero Harper (2 Fs, 1 R).
N8-162 John Manning Dent [ family ], 1765 Charles Co., MD <1794 Franklin Co., VA TN <Calloway Co> KY >1840, + Franklin Co., VA 1794 Mary Polly Clower.
N8-163 Mary Polly Clower, 1773 Franklin Co., VA TN >1810, + VA 1794 John Manning Dent.
T8-200 John Wyatt, c1749 Fairfax Co. [now in Loudoun Co.], VA <c1775 Franklin Co., VA c1778 Shenandoah Co., VA <c1782 Franklin Co., VA 1802, + Alice Gordon.
T8-201 Alice Gordon [ family ], 1752 VA <c1775 Franklin Co., VA c1778 Shenandoah Co., VA <c1782 Franklin Co., VA <VA> >c1798, + John Wyatt.
L8-222 Edmund Cooley, c1797 SC [ala NC] NC VA KY 1867, + NC 1816 Dolly Coley, or Mary Polly Cooley [same surname]; Edmund Coley, Edward Cooley, Mary Polly Coley, Dolly Cooley.
L8-223 Dolly Coley, c1800 NC KY >1817, + NC 1816 Edmund Cooley [same surname, variation]; Dolly Cooley, Mary Polly Coley, Mary Polly Cooley. 
A8-224 Heinrich Reinhardt Alspach [ family military ], 1739 [ala 1740] Berks Co., PA 1790 Berks Co., PA Fairfield Co [ala Hancock Co.]., OH 1822, + Berks Co., PA 1766 Catherine Stein; Heinrich Alspach, Henry Alspach, Henry Reinhardt Allspaugh; Henry Reinhardt Allsbaugh, Heinrich Rinehardt Alspach;
A8-225 Catherine Stein [ family ], 1748 Berks Co., PA >1822, + PA 1766 Heinrich Alspach; Catharine Stein.
A8-226 Lewis Runkle, 1700s NJ <1792 Rockingham Co., VA OH >1792, + unknown; my husband & I have visited the FAMILY CASTLE in Germany.
A8-227 XXX unknown female, 1700s <NJ OH> >1792, + Lewis Runkle.
A8-232 William Davis, 1700s MD Surry Co., [now in Yadkin Co.,] NC 1797, + Nancy Luckett, or Ann Luckett [Nancy & Ann may be same person].
A8-233 Nancy Luckett, 1700s MD NC? 17/1800s, + William Davis; ala Ann Luckett; Nancy & Ann may be same person ~ their daughter Ann is also called Nancy.
A8-234 Joshua Creson IV, 1755 NC <1787 Yadkin Co., NC Surry Co., NC 1822, + NC 1782 Rachel Steelman, + NC 1807 Mary Young; Joshua Creason.
A8-235 Rachel Steelman, 1759 Surray Co., NC <Overton Co.> TN 1838 [ala 1813], + NC 1782 Joshua Creson IV.
S8-240 John Peter Sisler, the younger, c1760 [ala c1750] Somerset Co., PA [possibly Frederick Co., or Delaware Co.] MD c1820 [ala 1860] [60/70/100/110yrs], + Susannah Markley, + Sophia unknown; Jon Sisler, John Sisler.
S8-241 Susannah Markley, c1763 MD Garrett Co., MD >1786, + John Sisler; Savannah Markley.
S8-242 Gabriel Friend [ RW lieutenant, RW ranger, teacher, postmaster, hunter family/Bonnell ], 1752 [ala 1761] Hampshire Co., VA [now WV] [ala 1752 MD] VA <1850 [99yrs old in census] Allegany Co., MD Garrett Co., MD 1854 [101yr], + MD 1787 Elizabeth Bonnell, + c1810 Clarissa Ann Peck Steele; Lt. Gabriel Friend, David Friend, Clarisa Peck, Nancy Peck; [Preston Co., VA, now WV, Garrett Co., MD, Allegany Co., MD, and Hampshire Co., VA, now WV, SHARE LAND BORDERS; WV seceded VA 1863].
S8-243 Elizabeth Bonnell [ family ], 1769 Chester Co., PA [ala NJ] Garrett Co., MD 1809, + NJ 1787 Gabriel Friend; Betsy Bonnell, Betsy Bunnell, Elizabeth Bunnell.
S8-246 Bernard Albright, <1774 Saxony? c1780 Philadelphia Co., PA >c1794, + unknown.
S8-247 XXX unknown female, <c1700s Saxony/PA >c1794, + Bernard Albright.
S8-248 Samuel James, the elder [ family ], c1754 Chester Co., PA Harrison Co., VA [now in WV] Jefferson Co., OH 1812, + <1779 Hannah Smith.
S8-249 Hannah Smith [ family ], 1758 Loudoun Co., VA c1844, + <1779 Samuel James, the elder.
S8-250 John Worrall, the younger, 1766 Delaware Co., PA <1788 Lycoming Co., PA <1819 [possibly <1802; wife marries Waterman], + Lycoming Co., PA 1788 Rebecca Wood.
S8-251 Rebecca Wood, 1767 Delaware Co., PA <1788 Lycoming Co., PA <1802 Delaware Co., PA >c1802, + Lycoming Co., PA 1788 John Worrall, + Delaware Co., PA 1802 Phineas Waterman; Rebeckah Wood, Rebeckah Waterman.
S8-252 Richard Harrison, the younger, c1734 Albemarle Co., VA MD c1777, + Burlington NJ 1763 Hannah Wheatcraft.
S8-253 Hannah Wheatcraft, c1734 <Albemarle Co., VA> MD >1766, + Burlington Co., NJ 1763 Richard Harrison, the younger.
S8-254 John Bunting, the younger, 1754 Burlington Co., NJ MD? 1811, + Burlington Co., NJ 1768 Patience Tilton; [ala possibly Thomas Bunting] [check dates wrong] .
S8-255 Patience Tilton, 1758 Burlington Co., NJ MD? >1774, + Burlington Co., NJ 1768 John Bunting, the younger.